Even though we just met, I get good joo joo from him.
by Jim K November 4, 2003
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Magic. Used to express negative feelings towards a thing or situation.
That is some baaaaaaaaaaaad joo joo.
by Encephalon Screamer July 22, 2003
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Joo Joo is a nickname or short name for Julia 😌not Giulia 😠 (huge difference)

It means the queen of SLO county it used be a long lost kingdom way before Christophe Columbu discovered it. She actually did. She should always be appreciated and be treated like a queen.

It also means someone who has a very nice butt-butt or sua 7lua in darija.
🐪 : Joo Joo!
Joo Joo: 💦 🏇

🐪: 👀 🏜
by Kamelo1991 December 10, 2021
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An exclamatory to yell really loud, deep, and sternly at any animal misbehaving.
*points finger at animal* HEY; JOO JOO MUNGOWAH!!!!!
by Platemail May 7, 2009
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Person1.can I have my covers. person2you mean my joo joo beans
by Demarcus cousins the 3 July 6, 2022
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