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Scavenging the shit out of someones food pantry leaving them with no more food and pissed off.
"Yo Marshawn lets go Jonnying at Millers house".
by Tre'Shawn Deandre March 18, 2015
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Back-alley, In-the-skip style of sex. Often used as a lighter, funnier way of joking about gang-rape. When said in a deep throaty voice can give the perfect impression of a randy tramp.
Example 1.
Dirty Mike: "Oi, Unclean Pete, getcho ass over here. I see a young man in need of a good ol' Jonnying. Cover me boys, Ima goin' in!"

Example 2.
Wife: Are you okay sweetheart?"
Husband: Well, they sure gave me a roight Jonnying!"
(Laugh Comically)
by KingSnotty March 29, 2011
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