A strong hearted man that puts the people most important to him first, never been fake. Always has his brothers back no matter what comes up. He loves his women whoever has one of these is a lucky girl. He always puts them over everything never cheats but if you cheat he won't take you back. He is Handsome in all ways and not a fighter but will defend himself and especially his woman. His hugs are so warm and welcoming it makes you melt, this is a rare man if you have one these please don't lose him.
"I think I'm dreaming or just sick"
" Because I caught a Marshawn"
by Creatoroflife March 14, 2017
Marshawn is a nigga with a big as dick who will fuck anyone but is a cool guy to talk to girl love him and love to look at him he can so any and everything he is so sexy and he is good with his dick
I want Marshawn to fuck me omg
by Dr.final May 14, 2019
A crazy n**** who is funny but doesn't like fried chicken idk y but anyway

I love you marshawn (No Homo)
Hey look someone is gonna flip of a roof he must be a marshawn
by Lil vinny November 4, 2013
Replying the same answer for various questions
I asked Jen how her day was and she replied " I'm just here so I won't get fined" I told Jen to stop marshawning.
by Cool guy 10121 March 11, 2015
Guy:"Did you see that? Marshawn Lynch just broke four tackles in the backfield and got the first down!"
Other Guy: "Beast."
by Detlef S. March 5, 2008
Q: how's your day going, man?
A: good, good. Its a Marshawn Lynch kind of day
by Gaux April 2, 2015
A RunningBack who can taste the Rainbow and Runs all over the new Orleans aints. Also see BeastMode

He used to play for the Bills, and now plays for the Seahawks. His power gets multiplied when skittles are around. If he wasn't good enough, if there is a Saint around, it triples. Either that or the saints sucks.. which they do. Thus he gained a share of the club and became an owner of the New Orleans saints
Drunk saint fan: its going to be different! this is the 4th time! Marshawn Lynch will be shut down!!!

NFL fan: who was the QB of the saints in 2005?

Drunk Saint Fan: .........
by b17 February 1, 2014