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a joint, (marijuana sigaret)
also sometimes called a blunt
dude, share the jonko man!
this is a good jonko, dude where did you get it?
by Campy de Dude January 30, 2008
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A Swedish word for, hmm, well, it could mean anything really... See examples.

The awesome inventors of "JÖNKÖ".

JÖNKÖ was invented when someone typed "5-6-6-5-6" on their cell phone (with T9 enabled)
"You're so JÖNKÖ = You are so pretty"
"I JÖNKÖ you so much = I envy you so much"
by Jönkömannen May 05, 2009
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A different word for a joint or spliff.
I like smoking jonko
Me too, better pass it.
by Malle Man December 24, 2015
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