South African slang (pron. "clupp"). To hit someone or something.
"My laaitie was being naughty so I gave him a klap"


"If we're going to win this cricket game, we need to klap a few sixes!"
by TheDuce June 27, 2006
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1106 West Arrowhead Rd. Named after certain reasons and situations pertaining but not limited to the people living at this establishment.
Dude there's gonna be this wicked awesome party at The KLAP tonight.
by Twon Tee Juan Seb Uhn Tee November 20, 2010
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who klaps
by Lauren Stephanie November 1, 2003
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to not care
Who klaps?
by Anonymous November 1, 2003
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1st mate of the kremling co. in donkey kong country. jump on it's back to kill it.
Look It's Klap Trap
by Amw2745 June 29, 2003
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A Poes klap is when you slap somebody so hard you give them a concussion.
From Afrikaans

Also know as a P.K
I’m gonna Poes klap you if you don’t stop your shit.”
by Mgrooder15 November 16, 2018
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