verb; jones'd
used in past tense

1.To have ones ass handed to one.

2.Embarresment in public
"You got jones'd" or "I jones'd your ass"
by Mr. Pickles March 28, 2004
Typically described as a total failure in the field of technology.
1) Looks like that server is Jones'd, it crashed again. 2) Who Jones'd the storage, I can't access my files? 3) Error code: 0x0000007E, it's Jones'd. 4) It wasn't Jones'd by me, you must have Jones'd it!
by BuckeyesSuck June 14, 2011
This is when your get stomped on so bad, your legs invert, and your eyes bug out, like crickets and shit.
"Damn, did you see the kid after the fight? He looked all Jones'd and shit, god damn"
by Simply February 10, 2005
same as above
When i had hardcore butt sex with your mom, YOU GOT JONES'D
by Ronald McDonald November 12, 2003
Loosing at something really badly, in a video game, etc.
After loosing at the game, he got Jones'd!
by Brian Heaton October 1, 2003
To kill someone after they try acting cool.

Like in the film where the arab tries showing off his skills with the sword and Indy just shoots him.
Guy 1: Yeah, this little chav twat was trying to start on me, pushing me around, trying to act all hard.
Guy 2: So what did you do then mate?
Guy 1: I Indiana Jones'd his stupid ass!
by The Flying Machine April 17, 2008