6 definitions by Ronald McDonald

same as above
When i had hardcore butt sex with your mom, YOU GOT JONES'D
by Ronald McDonald November 12, 2003
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two homosexuals who have serious african-heat loving on the download if you know how im flowin --- gggg g-unit!
"Lenny and Carl go together like butter pecan and southern friend chicken -- ggg g-unittttttttt!"
by Ronald McDonald May 2, 2003
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1.)a taco with shrimp fried in a doughy batter 2.)a chinese vagina, poon, cunt, taco, hole with no ending 3.) a poon puked on after eating a delicious meal at red lobster
1.) Dude that shrimp fried taco had a pube in it. 2.)When I was in China I put it in a shrimp fried taco. 3.) Dude, I banged this chick so hard I got sick and gave her a shrimp fried taco!!!
by Ronald McDonald January 29, 2004
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Someone who gets a "real rush" from gaming.
"Wow, i feel like such a Simcore! I just took out the whole enemy team and im really hyped up!"
by Ronald McDonald June 16, 2003
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A person who is sexually attracted to males, females, neuts and hermaphrodites.
No fair, quadsexuals get four times the pleasure of the rest of us.
by Ronald McDonald December 13, 2004
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jontz is the 'Urban Scuttlebot World Champion' from the years 1900-2050+.

There is no doubt about it.
Someone: 'Who is the Urban Scuttlebot World Champion?'
Someone else: jontz is, duh.
by Ronald McDonald June 10, 2004
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