An acronym, standing for "Just on my phone".
Dan: "Hey Rick what the fuck are you doing over there? "

Rock: "I'm JOMP you retard!"

Dan: " Ok settle the fuck down."
by Tunnus June 24, 2016
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Anything but an adverb. Jomp means whatever you want it to mean.
"pass the jomp"
"lets jomp right now"
"Im jompin"
"What will I do with this jomp"
"jomp city"
"jomp titigy jomp"
by jompcity August 13, 2009
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short for "Jell-O making partner", i.e. a partner in lesbian sex of any kind
"She's not my girlfriend, she's my jomp. We'll be 'making some Jell-O' tonight."
by jellomaker April 08, 2006
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Basicaly a glomp, while screaming about how much you adore the jomp-ee and how much you want to shag them. Used by many fangirl twards her lust object.
by San November 01, 2004
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an abbreviated and spoken form of the phrase "juice of my peen." If it is acceptable for a woman to call her child "fruit of my womb," so is it for a man to call children "jomp." Jomp is both a plural and singular noun.
I hate having jomp. They ruin your fucking life.
by Vintoux November 26, 2010
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