Anything but an adverb. Jomp means whatever you want it to mean.
"pass the jomp"
"lets jomp right now"
"Im jompin"
"What will I do with this jomp"
"jomp city"
"jomp titigy jomp"
by jompcity August 13, 2009
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An acronym, standing for "Just on my phone".
Dan: "Hey Rick what the fuck are you doing over there? "

Rock: "I'm JOMP you retard!"

Dan: " Ok settle the fuck down."
by Tunnus June 24, 2016
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short for "Jell-O making partner", i.e. a partner in lesbian sex of any kind
"She's not my girlfriend, she's my jomp. We'll be 'making some Jell-O' tonight."
by jellomaker April 08, 2006
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Basicaly a glomp, while screaming about how much you adore the jomp-ee and how much you want to shag them. Used by many fangirl twards her lust object.
by San November 01, 2004
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a word that has universal meaning; can be spammed repetitively for comedic value
Bro 1: Wanna go get food?
Bro 2: Yea bro sounds jömp

example 2: jömp jömp jömjömjömp
by THE Tonith October 01, 2019
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1. A catch-all term interchangeable with "walk" "split" "skedaddle"

2. A term for a specific person's peculiar pattern of walking.
3. A pattern of walking in which the legs are kept unusually straight causing the heel to strike the ground at a more aggressive angle, as though the walker were on an important mission.
1. The waitress left the bill on the table, "Alright, let's jomp kids!" exclaimed Tristan, gesturing to his friends that it was time to leave without paying.

2. Man, Johnny sure walks kinda weird. Yeah, man, he's a Jomper for sure

3. Gosh did you see, Greg back there? He was hauling ass! Wonder where he's jompin' to?
by John_Quixote October 02, 2018
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