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1. Derived from the combined words daing (salted fish), tuyo (a type of dried fish) and itlog (egg). Dyolog then became Jolog, a term for someone who is tacky, but implied in a more negative tone and often referred to people who belong to the lower class of society.
2. "Baduy", "skwating", tacky
3. Someone who likes Jolina Magdangal (a tacky, teeny-bopper wannabe)
4. Jolina Organization
5. Someone from the lower class of society who tries to be cool but ends up a failure and in turn becomes a "jolog"
6. Anything or anyone associated with things that are "pang-masa" (for the masses)
-Those people at SM are so jolog! They're probably from the squatter's area.
-Yuck! What is she wearing? Those chokers are soooo jolog.
-Omigod! She's like a fan of Jolina? That's so jolog!
-What a trying hard wannabe. Freaking jolog.
-ABS-CBN is soooo jolog. And Judy Anne Santos is just about the queen of jologs. Well... second to Jolina anyway.
by kei_blue September 23, 2003
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The neighborhood dogs have scheduled a jolog on the 16th.
by Lich Gulk February 03, 2019
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Originated from Jolina Organization whose fans are those lower class filipinas who, if not unemployed, work as housemaids and worship Jolina's lack of taste in fashion. Today jolgs could mean anythin that is shitty and of low class.
On a Sunday afternoon in a mall..

Jolina Fan 1: "Jolina, weyr did you bought dose pink shining shimmery boots."

Jolina Fan 2: "I will also bought dose bayolet-blue rapold mini-skirt."

College Girl 1: "OMG. Look at those jologs wearing orange lipsticks and velvet long sleeves.

College girl 2: "I bet it's their day off today. Quick let's leave, i dont want to be attacked by those stinky jologs."
by Chris_81 June 24, 2006
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Jologs- It means you're outcast, corny, poser or any negative things you can think of!
Boy 1: Hoy idol mo ga si April Boy?
Boy 2: Oo, idol ko!
Boy 1: Ala eh! jologsss kaa!!!
by nocturnal October 30, 2003
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Filipino slang for 'ghetto' only worse.
Damn, these kids think theyre cool, the fact that theyre jologotics.
by Askal82 December 07, 2003
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Someone who tries to be cool, but fails. This person would often be referred to as someone who lives in the mountains
Ericka is so jologs that she probably lives in the mountains!
by JRHU April 18, 2018
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