A term, originally from Chinese, used to refer to someone feeling tired and sluggish
After working long hours, I feel like a salted fish
by anon502 July 7, 2018
salt fish is a class A drug that flows among the streets of London, it often grows in the bark of willow trees, people take the water of the tree which is full of toxins from the tree kind of like 'mushrooms' when taking this can lead to dehydration and often people thinking they are a fish, many people have died from drowing because of this, this is not a drug to be messing with people. BE WARNED.
<>< {o}< salt fish
by the druggy on the corner December 17, 2013
The best organisation to ever exist!
Titled SFCS for short.
People who don't believe in its supremacy should cease to exist.
Person 1: Do you believe in Salted Fish Community Services supremacy?
Person 2: Yes
Person 3: No

Person 2 was awarded with $649873463728856472489657623746984375689 and Person 3 was never to be seen again...
by a potato on the internet ._. November 17, 2021