1) A cheap (but good) 70 proof whiskey-like liquor made in New Orleans.
2) A state of relaxation common in the southern USA.
Even though I was in Alaska, after those 10 shots of southern comfort I was in a total state of southern comfort.
by Nick D February 5, 2004
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a potent sweet caramel flavored liquor popular amongst people too young to be drinking leagaly
Billy got hammered on southern comfort and yakked all over the bathroom
by Xot May 27, 2005
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A cheap, gross as shit caramel flavored whiskey.
Dave: "I was drinking all night and didn't get sick until I had a sip of that Southern Comfort. Man, that shit is nasty."
by Niggah Dave October 11, 2007
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Southern Comfort is when you recieve oral sex (headjob) from a girl who resides in either New South Wales or Victoria.

Very rarely would a headjob from Tasmania be considered a "Southern Comfort".
Brad: Oi Tony, I got a southern comfort from that girl i was tellin you about.

Tony: Onya Boy!
by Brad January 30, 2008
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The term means having slaves to wait on your every need and comfort you. Southerners still use the term because they'd like to forget that the North kicked their asses and freed their slaves. But really in their hearts they know they can't do shit because we would come back down their and crush their pathetic, Godless culture again. They know that the God of the North will once again raise up an Army of the faithful and burn their shit down if they try to enslave any of his people claiming to do so in His name.
We could stay in an Inn but I'd rather stay on Uncle Bob's plantation so we can experience some southern comfort at its best- his slaves are so good.
by General Ulysses S. Grant July 20, 2006
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1.The lower region of a person's body
2.Feeling supported downstairs
1. She has a rash on her southern comfort
My southern comfort hurts because I sat on a pin
2. These pants have taken me to southern comfort heaven!
by xBx March 26, 2004
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Southern Comfort. The guys in charge of approving definitions on this site suck ass, for real. I submitted the only good definition for this disgusting crap that is only drunk by white trash or freshmen or faggots who are too pussy to stomach real whisky unless its flavored to taste like the fruits they are. So fuck you, your mothers, and your sisters, and fuck your father with a bowling pin, cocksucker. Eat my whole asshole.
This site is cancer. Southern Comfort is for trailer trash who can't afford to feed their 49 kids let alone booze, and giant pussies who can't drink real liquor cause it "makes me gag cause I don't have testicles!"
by JohnGabriel April 4, 2016
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