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Act of John Wicking is when you put a bounty on some one's head so high that every hit man in the world wants to kill them. This definition came to be from a hit movie by same name John Wick. In this movie Keanu Reeves, is being hunted by every hit man in the world. It is also a matter of pride and honor when you are being John Wicked because it means you are too good and one or two people cannot finish the Job, and you must be "John Wicked" for the problem to be taken care of.
1. He insulted the Sicilian Mafia, this will not go away so easily, rest assured that they are going to be John Wicking him out of existence.

2. Wolf: They activated every CIA sleeper agent in the world for one singular mission....Killing you!!!.
Josh: What? Wh-wh-why? I'm being John Wicked?. Why are they John Wicking me ?
by Uk2001UK August 29, 2019
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Verb--When you throat punch someone with a gun, then unload 3 bullets in their head for good measure.
That boss of mine, some days I want to John Wicking Her.
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by John Wick Fan January 28, 2017
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