Amazing department store in partnership with Waitrose
'I is to be goin to John Lewis for me new thong'
by Izzy June 3, 2005
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A person who screams way too much and sexually identifies as a Johnbat. A person who is 500% white but still claims to be 50% Native American because his dad is 25% Native American. Also a world renowned singer most well known the Legacy of a Legend John Lewis edition game of the year edition. He holds a high fear of Mexicans with praying Mantises. Also that one guy.
Rebeca: I am partially Native American

John Lewis: I am better than you because I am 50007% Native American therefore I am truly better than you will ever hope to be
by Yoloswagbot December 13, 2017
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The new name for Robert E. Lee High School located in Springfield, Virginia and part of the Fairfax County Public Schools system in Northern Virginia
Change is happening at John R. Lewis High School
by 1234567890abcdefghij August 27, 2020
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