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A smart, beautiful, girl with a really caring heart . she loves everyone but mostly if she has a boyfriend and she makes you laugh . she is perfection in a person . Everyone loves her and she has great hair, smile, and style . She normally has someone annoying in her family . She is also an angel that gets what she wants when she wants . She is a princess that is very shy and is also a people person . she is also cute .
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Meaning rather sexual in nature, is an undeniable force of nature that may leave you physical, mentally, and anally distressed. Jocelin may also be a specific sexual act that is viewed upon as both passionate and slightly violent (incorporating the use of the penis, hair, hands, feet, ears, tongue, maybe teeth, rectum, scrotum, clitoris, anal cavity, shins, boobs, nails, vaginal openings, and bellybutton). This also happens to a person respected amongst the highest leveled pokemon trainers but sadly is the usual target for pokemon/beasiality rape. Highly animated; fair skinned; morbid and insane. DO NOT FEED, Can smell meat form 3.7 miles away.
"DUDE, i totaly did the jocelin with Jocelin last night!"
by myers15 May 14, 2008
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