runescape term for penis,Arose from the Famous Rs player flukejiver
my e-jiver is huge yo
by jbooda April 28, 2009
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Someone who isn’t in control of the music that’s playing at a party or in a car, but is suggesting a new song every time a song ends, often one that nobody else there likes. ANNOYING
Sarah: Hey, can we play some Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Me: No! We decided I was the car DJ for this trip!
Ethan: Yeah, Sarah, stop being such a backseat jiver!
by He/She/Awesome August 13, 2018
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A person who tries to appear busy at something while actually doing nothing but talking about how others should be doing it.
Jose comes to work and does nothing but tell others how to do their jobs; he's such a shuffle-jiver!
by SenorPeligro October 22, 2015
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Slang expression for a (usually male) masturbater.
The said individuals nocturnal inclinations tend to suggest that he is a first class hand jiver.
by Kingcobrakenny October 27, 2017
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