lead vocalist of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. likes chicken and giving people random nicknames
by graqefruit August 08, 2018
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The oldest member and leader of the Korean girl group Blackpink. She have been ranked for the prettiest woman in the world. She is also popular for being the Dulhan of Bhavi aka Aayush.
Bhavi Jisoo Dulha Dulhan
by aayush42069 June 07, 2021
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A girl, usually Korean, who is really hot and who most guys want to be with. They are known for their fashion sense, for being hyperactive much of the time, and for being unforgettable. This type of girl usually hits guys for being cute, for being mean, for complimenting them, or just because she feels like it at the time.
"Dang did you see jisoo the other day? She's so hot."
"I know man. She looks hot every day."
by Trystyn June 26, 2009
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singer, dancer, rapper, actress, songwriter, visual, fashion muse of Dior, Dior beauty ambassador, muse of Cartier, world star, queen of variety shows, unofficial leader, comedian, Asia’s it girl, fashion influence, iconic, an ace
have you stanned jisoo?
by jiumon October 29, 2020
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An inside joke for Carat, the fandom name for South Korean boy band, Seventeen, formed by Pledis Entertainment.
Refers to Jesus. Fellow fans may tell one who read smut, 'You need Hong Jisoos'.
Joke formed after Hong Jisoo (Joshua) of Seventeen dressed as a priest.
"Gosh I read so much smut last night...FORGIVE ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED!"
"Oh lord jisoos, please forgive this poor Carat."

"You need Jisoos!"
by SugaStoleYourJams April 01, 2018
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the ace of blink twitter

the most unproblematic blinker out there

the beyoncé of stan twitter

number one promoter of snowdrop

twitter did him dirty

he deserved better

gets hit tweets on a daily basis

jisoofuls deserved better, he is unproblematic and truly the ace of blink twitter
by rubiesdior March 20, 2021
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Kim Jisoo is from a south Korean queengroup called BlackPink (Ya'll better go stan her and BP)

Loves Chicken
Makes weird but catchy songs out of stuff
Makes you laugh until you shit your pants
Cutest little baby ever
Fake maknae
A little bit crazy

Everyone loves her
Korea and JenLiChaeng is literally her bitch
Loves Dalgom and only Dalgom
The kindest and softest person you probably will meet
You should thank god that you were born in the same era as her
Her breathing was put into headlines. BREATHING.

Annyong, annyong, naneun Jisoo-yah.
Person 1: Who's that, she's beautiful.
Person 2: That's Kim Jisoo.
Person 1: Imma ask for her number.
Person 2: You'll never succeed cause she is literally god-like
by Mythical Blink January 04, 2019
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