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dont do it jimmy ,jimmy juice is bad for u u shouldnt use it jsut to win the special olymoics
by PlayDohMan April 27, 2004
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juice that comes out of your jimmy while fornicating with your yamaca
dude! she let me jimmy juice on her face!


hey man, sorry but i was with britney in your room and now there is jimmy juice on your bed..
by ashley&robin =] March 29, 2008
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Thick liquid secretion excreted from the tip of a penis during or ending the act of intercourse and/or a round of yule-log tugging.
Man what the heezy!!! She drank a gallon of jimmy juice from a cardboard milk carton!!
by John Holmes January 13, 2004
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A case of severe diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting or intoxication. Also referred to suffering from deadly Ebola.

Refers to the dangerous substance "JimmyJuice" sold by the convicted huckster and scam artist Jillian Mai Thi that has killed several people with a liquid goo substance that in effect turned their inside organs in to a liquid, "that just flowed out of the victim".
Bob took some peyote while in Goa and has been suffering from ejectile JimmyJuice for a week now, we need to take him to the hospital.
by Khannea Suntzu :P June 09, 2018
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