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Mena is a Arab female name.
Mena is a kind and caring person who cares about people’s emotions. She puts others before herself and always tries to make everyone happy. She can be a shy and awkward person until she’s in her comfort zone or with her friends. She’s a pretty secretive and private person so if she trusts you, don’t let her down.

She is so beautiful but doesn’t realise it. She has the biggest and most contagious smile ever. She is super smart and makes everything look so easy. She is a huge hygienic perfectionist and hates messiness.

When it comes to love, she isn’t the one to fall in love quite so easily because of her high standards but once she has her eyes on you she will love you like there’s no tomorrow😂

Sorry Mena💞
Person 1: Dang it mannnn... I’ve been trying to get with that girl Mena for 2 months and nothing’s working
Person 2: Sorry man, I guess you couldn’t reach her standards :/
by :(depressed:(ass:( February 08, 2020
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Menasaurous Rex
by Lightbulb April 15, 2004
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Mena is kind to others.She sticks up for people and thoughtful.She is a hotstuff lady.She would like a boy who is kind,sweet,thoughtful,and hot. Mena is still single so all the single hot boys out there is free for her. Mena gets very pissed if anyone is mean to her. She is a beutiful young girl.
Mena is very pretty said her crush.
Mena is very kind.
by hotspicydog December 10, 2018
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the most loyal, kind, loving, honest and sensitive person. is not a girl. passionate. lazy as hell. is not annoying even if he tries to be. sweet. funny. cuddly.
you're such a Mena!
by bangbang12 September 25, 2010
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