a alternate for dipstick or asswipe when one doesn't want to be overtly rude or profane.
hey "jimmy bob", bring me the frigging cart to haul this crap you left in the middle of the damn aisle.

You and normal people know you meant "asswipe", only the dipstick is puzzled why you can't remember his name.
by AC Paco July 11, 2006
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jimmy and bob are the peaople that i use for the example use of my word
jimmy: who is jimmy and bob
bob: us
jimmy: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky April 28, 2022
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A person that spends excessively large amounts of money on in-game cosmetics, whether or not he/it actually enjoys the game
Did you really spend $20 for a virtual fannypack Jimmy-Bob? You don’t even have the character you bought the cosmetic for unlocked yet….
by Gizmo271 September 14, 2022
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A term to describe a working class punter, typically middle-aged to elderly, who is stubborn, uneducated and disagreeable. Still thinks they are in their teenage hay-day, unaware that they hold outdated views or are wildly misinformed on various issues, and seems to think they are exempt from the rules. Usually does manual labour or some kind of trade but turns down their nose at reading anything other than the football report. Religiously worships their local football team because they have nothing better in their life, and only ever drinks the same pish water beer (typically bitters or Carling).
That old fart is harping on about how covid is a myth and how he won't get vaccinated. What a fucking Jimmy Bob.
by Hogglypoot January 14, 2021
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the old one of endless power and sex
all hail jimmy bill bob
by bob llib ymmij December 10, 2022
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