7 definitions by jimmy bob kentucky

truck is not a thing it is a lifestyle. trucking is the best thing in the entire redneck world. the best trucks are ford f150 ford f250 ford f350 ford 450 and any other pickup truck made my an american company in the world
i loev truck its so epic and its a lifestyle
jimmy: do u kno truck
bob: it is a lifestyle
jimmy: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky May 2, 2022
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yumby chese for yum yum yes and the it comes from malk. there are many types of chezes like cheddar cheese or pepper jack cheese or blue cheese or swiss cheese or parmesan cheese or ricotta cheese or gouda cheese or feta cheese or cottage cheese or cream cheese or mozarella cheese or colby jack cheese. there are or types of cheases out there in the big great massive huge ginormous supercalifragilisticexpialidousious world. BUT BLUE CHAESEE IS ICKY YUCKY TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD WAR CRIME CHEAWSE.
jimmy: i like chesse
bob: whats cheese
bob: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky April 11, 2022
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Wyoming is a state in the United States of America which is located in the North American continent.
You may aks the following: "what is Wyoming?" or, "what is in Wyoming?" or even possibly, "why should i go to Wyoming?"
Here are the answers to your great questions!
1. Wyoming is Nothing.
2. Wyoming has Nothing.
3. Don't go to Wyoming
jimmy: whats in wyoming
bob: there is no wyoming there is nothing in wyoming dont go yo wyoming
jimmy: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky April 27, 2022
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jimmy and bob are the peaople that i use for the example use of my word
jimmy: who is jimmy and bob
bob: us
jimmy: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky April 28, 2022
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What are you? you are an ugly fat loser, get off the couch and do something with your life. maybe go outside and touch grass? I don't even know. Go to the damn gym you fat turd and lose some of that weight, fat boy. fAT BALD FATTY BOY FAT BIG FAT TUMMY WUMMY BIG FAT BOY FATTY TURD BOY SO FATTY FAT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7
jimmy: what are you?
bob: dead
jimmy: good
bob: ok
by jimmy bob kentucky April 12, 2022
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