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a alternate for dipstick or asswipe when one doesn't want to be overtly rude or profane.
hey "jimmy bob", bring me the frigging cart to haul this crap you left in the middle of the damn aisle.

You and normal people know you meant "asswipe", only the dipstick is puzzled why you can't remember his name.
by AC Paco July 11, 2006
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a negative term for a person you may have low regard for. a popular alternative to douchebag or a step up from a asshole.
That cuntlapper just ate my fries!
by AC Paco June 28, 2006
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A natural piece of native wood that has been formed to a shape of stick and when held, the bearer must purge himself of falsehoods and speak the truth. The truth stick is selected from the woods by a senior AC Commando and presented at woodland meetings to bring the truth out of a group of friends. Mass alcohol consumption is part of the ritual which assists in developing the truthiness. The stick is handled by each person who must stand and present a truth. Spinning with the stick is a intensified experiance that often further adds to the truthiness however often accompanied by vomiting. caution to avoid the spinning near hillsides, cliffs and other dangers is a learned experiance. Usually a new truth stick is used at each "ceremony" as the stick is said to be burned at the final truth, however no usually able to remember this event.
Todd used the Truth Stick to bring out the real facts of Tim's interest in ogre's.
by AC Paco June 4, 2006
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a despicable person who thrives on making other peoples lives worse. A cunting mother is aware of his actions and enjoys the pain and suffering of others. Often mistaken for a asshole.
That cunting mother just cut me off, now I got to get off at the next exit and turn around.
by AC Paco August 9, 2006
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