British slang for pajamas, nightwear.
I was going to go to the grocery store yesterday morning when I realized I was still in my jim-jams.
by Ronnie Gayle August 8, 2006
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Slang. extreme nervousness; jitters.
Slang. delirium tremens.
by George, they give me the jim-jams and the fan-tods and caked up what brains I had, and turned them solid ...
by MaxwellB24 May 23, 2016
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condoms. a combination of "Jimmy hat" and "Toejam"
"Yo, man. Last night, Chris had to run out and find some jim-jams at 3am."

"Eh, dumbass should have planned ahead."
by Cosmo January 4, 2005
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girls like to throw jim jam parties, guys who crash them are hoping they turn into nuddy pants parties.
by redrobot August 28, 2005
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1. A serf or indentured servant, of any race, ethnicity, sex, or creed.
2. An individual in a lesser social class than you.
1. Jim Jams have become increasingly less popular since 1865.
2. HA, look at the Jim Jams over in the corner of the lunchroom!
by Jam-Jim May 23, 2013
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Code-word euphemism for semen. Combination of "jim" (black slang for "penis") and jam (obvious implication). Often used in polite conversation to add a subtle, humorous sexual reference to a sexual act.
"Frank might be a bit late for dinner. He had to change his pants since he spilled some jim jam on them."
by Frank Klaune March 7, 2004
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Song(s) that have a beat & lyrics that intoxicates your very soul ultimately leading you to jam out.

Throwback songs, well known songs, or songs that your group knows all the lyrics to.
"What kind of music do y'all want to listen too?"

"Put on those Jim Jams!!!"
by ineedsomemilk August 5, 2017
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