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Jilling-off is a slang term for female masturbation. Jilling-off is the female equivalent of a male jacking-off.
I learned to start knocking after I walked in on my roommate, violently jilling-off with her vibrator.
by Melancholy Babydoll September 14, 2016

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A female friend or coworker, that is annoying by being extremely bossy, or authoritative, acting like a jerk, or is simply PMS-ing...
CuNgt: where have you been? I need you to stay my shift for me, I need money, give me $10, why do you dress like that, etc. (continual needy demands , bitching, and whining,)

Girl! Stop complaining, you are being such a cunt nugget...
by Melancholy Babydoll September 13, 2016

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A slang term for pants, most likely originating from the southern region of the United States, where instead of worldly education, the population is geared more for labor, mass produce and land cultivation.
Farmer: Hey Pete! Get your lazy rear outta bed, we got a lot of work to do!!
Pete: hold on old man! Let me at least pull my britches on.

I need a belt to hold my britches up.
by Melancholy Babydoll September 14, 2016

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