A jihadi is a arab or shite terrorist.
"I was driving my chuck when 3 jihadis jumped out with two rpgs, my .50 cal split them in two and I ran over their bodies.
by Rolling Thunder August 2, 2006
A person, usually and almost exclusively a Muslim to wages a 'Jihad' (Holy war) to spread Islam. This can be done through peaceful means, but also extremely violent means.

The Islamic state are Jihadis
Burt: Whats the name of that Muslim from the UK who cut off that American dudes head?

Kurt: Jihadi John
by Captain Love Shack June 3, 2016
Sandmonkey who can't shoot, yelling some Allah ak bar stuff. Loves goats and dates(fruits)
The jihadis are yelling and riding their goats
by Buzzthewrestler May 18, 2017
To express great excitement almost to the point of starting a riot and smashing statues of your former dictator.
Stephen Colbert's The Word is jihadient in it's message.
by The Outhouse March 16, 2007
Made up word, invented by Bush and his stooges. This word is only used by the ignorant, and blatanly vandalizes the complex Islamic concept of Jihad (which does not mean Holy War, but rather a struggle towards doing good).
By the correct definition of Jihad, a Jihadi is not a terrorist, but rather a reformer who tries to change injustices and strives to do good.
by MonkeysRAwsome12 March 8, 2005
when a man yells, "Allahu Akbar" as they cum then detonates himself before the last twitch of the tip. (Note: while not approved by the FDA, the naughty jihadi has been shown to be an affective form of birth control)
wow that naughty jihadi's going directly from fucking a goat to getting with 72 virgins, impressive.
by MikeBroke May 17, 2018
Cities that are built only with the intention of setting them ablaze at the most opportune moment.

With billions of dollars invested into a city, a radical terrorist who happens to be an engineering genius can plan to build a city that with the sole purpose of destroying it to kill.

most likely part of a jihad

Cities are built up to the point of extreme population density, and filled with many tourists.

Giant skyscrapers meticulously tumble to the ground with geomechanic landslide-like wizardry, timed impeccably with the instant fall of dozens of other buildings through out the city’s inner core that fulfill their destinies in splendid calculations of self-dismantling sidewalk tragedy.
Ehror City, the future city of the world, is where 20 million people reside. There are only 4 exits out of this city.

However, it is one of the jihadi cities, and it was built by radical engineers with a plot to destroy it.
by g-diggity March 13, 2008