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a religion based around all-mighty cartoon artist Jhonen Vasquez! formed in the town of Lynnwood, Washington, and preached to the poor unsuspecting town of Arlington, WA and poor random internet users... and random hobos... children around the world will soon all love Jhonen with an uncontrollable urge of head-splodey joy.
Random Jhonenist: Come to the Church of Orthodox Jhonenists!!! Today we shall dissect our Bible, the JTHM Director's Cut, in search of the meaning of life!!!
Other Jhonenist: But... people keep getting killed in that "bible" of yours...
First Jhonenist: AHA!!! that's it!!! the meaning of life is that there is none!!! PRAISE JHONEN FILTHY WORM-BABY!!!!!
Random Hobo: Stupid Jhonenism... I remember the days of real religion... like Dirgolicism.
by Jhonenists1&3 April 04, 2009
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