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A little town an hour north of Seattle. 100 year old houses and businesses. Cows. 10 hair salons in a 1 radius. All the cool kids either hang out at the river, Mcdonalds, or the parking lot of Safeway. Lots of plaid, Romeo's and TOMS Shoes dwell here.
Hey dude, you live in a hick town, right?

Yes, I live in Arlington, WA.
by chelseabvdm December 12, 2011
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Arlington, Washington is one of the best towns in Washington. Most of the town knows everyone and all their business. The hoppin' spot is The Blue Bird which is located on Olympic, the main street. They love their sports team, even if they aren't number 1. They always win the stilly cup, thats for sure. The girls are hot and the boys are bangin. Either floating down the river or jumping off the bridge, the best place during the summer is the river. La Hacienda is the best place for dinner or lunch.
She's tight, she's from arlington, wa!
by Katie * October 05, 2007
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The tightest, epicest, most legit city in all of Snoho County - Scratch that - in Washington State. The girls are beautiful, the men are steamin'. There are four elementary schools: Kent Prairie (the best), Eagle Creek (second best), and Presidents, and Pioneer. The two middle schools are Post and Haller (Post owns Haller). Everyone at Arlington shows spirit for their team the Eagles by coming to the football games every night. Its also home to one of the best clothing stores in downtown Arlington - The Klothing Vault. If you like awesome, small towns, Arlington is the most legitimate.
Guy: Hey were are you from?
Girl: From Seattle.
Guy: Hey, bitch ! Out!
Girl: Why?
Guy: OUT! NOW! Because you got to be livin in the legit town of Arlington, WA to be at this party !
by ArlingtonAlixx April 02, 2011
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