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Getting overly-excited about getting a good deal on a purchase or otherwise saving money.
Damn, Emily practically had a jewgasm over that shoe sale!
by tdrga May 07, 2006
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The euphoric feeling a Jew gets when he spends very little money and gets a lot in return
Mendel Cohen went to an all you can eat sushi buffet and ate about $150 worth of food for only $16.99. This gave Mendel a Jewgasm
by hEbrEw HAmmR January 08, 2011
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Jewgasm - (jew.gaz.zem)-n.

1. What the sight of large amounts of money, a load of dead towelheads, a democratic president, Barbara Streisand etc. creates in a Jew.
2. What a Jewish American Princess fakes in order to get a Bloomingdales spending card.
1. Check out that guy who bought that second-hand Ferrari for three grand. Bet he's jewgasming in his pants as we speak.
2. Susan Portnoy just spent the GDP of a small African country at Bloomingdales. Probably had to jewgasm a hell of a lot.
by Ed Zimmer November 17, 2007
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When someone who is cheap finds out that there is a sale of any kind and has an orgasm from the excitement.
Alex: "Look at that... half off on drinks."

Schaaf: "No WAY! OMG thats amazing!"

Alex: "Wow clam down, don't have a jewgasm."
by Brad-Alex June 25, 2010
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