when a girl jumps into a body of water and accidentally gets smashed by a rock in her 'parts' leaving her unable to swim to shore
by itsmaribitch January 19, 2009
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Shut up and squat. A variation on the famed 'Keep clam!' of Ivor's Acres of Clams in Seattle, Washington. Problem is, it sounds like a back-formation for 'clam up', which it is not, sort of.
You didn't lose your billfold. Look through the car. You'll find it. Just shut up and clam down.
by Byron Black September 30, 2007
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Word used by Jorge Martinez when trying to calm someone down; Slang term for those of Latin-decent, Omar Gaylindo would know since he is Mexican; Word is derived from "calm down."
Omar, clamdown please.
by battlecat714 March 01, 2007
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