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when you have the money to purchase something you want, but are afraid to spend it.
"dude, youve got enough cash, but if you just keep staring at that flat screen, youre just gonna get jew-balls!"
by mcfly!!!! September 13, 2009
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Someone who exhibits extreme Jewish behavior. That one Jewish person who is always talking about temple and the torah.
by IamAninjaO.o May 18, 2009
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The old, crusty, disgusting scrotum of an uncircumcised Jew.
Jew Man - Suck my dick you whore.

Jew Woman - Hell no, you have them jew balls.
by Jew balls December 25, 2007
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jewball is an intense form of piggy in the middle. players sit/stand in a circle with 1 person in the middle "the jew". players must keep the ball away from the jew by throwing, kicking or bouncing it to other players in the circle. "the jew" can try and wrestle the ball off a player but only has 10 seconds to do so if he fails then he must return to the centre and play is resumed.

if "the jew" gets hold of the ball, either loose or wrestled, then he swaps with the person who touched it last.

there is also the opportunity to "jewmiliate" - the ball can be thrown at "the jew" at any time in the hope that it will bounce away and "the jew" is unable to catch it. - if successful then "jewmiliation" is shouted.

Jewball does not condone racism and is not intended as such - it is just meant as a light hearted game. the name can be changed to whatever the group decides.
"you have been jewmilitated"

"wanna play jewball"

"jewmilitate him"

"man you missed out on jewball, we jumiliated chris so many times"

"jewball is not meant as a racist game"
by Jonny Roman November 16, 2007
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