when you have the money to purchase something you want, but are afraid to spend it.
"dude, youve got enough cash, but if you just keep staring at that flat screen, youre just gonna get jew-balls!"
by mcfly!!!! September 13, 2009
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The old, crusty, disgusting scrotum of an uncircumcised Jew.
Jew Man - Suck my dick you whore.

Jew Woman - Hell no, you have them jew balls.
by Jew balls December 26, 2007
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"He has some Jew Balls."
by M.o.m.o.m.o.m.o.m.o.m.o.m.o. February 4, 2009
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when the penis is a choad and makes it look like the person has three testicles, trinity meaning three.
the man had a trinity jew ball and couldnt get laid.
by trinity jew ball inventor March 3, 2007
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Kicking or punching someone very hard in the testicles and killing millions of children(sperm cells)
Did Brooke is “jewing someone’s balls” I think it was Ethan I heard a scream
I think she did I don’t think he can have kids anymore.
by Gstimmy March 3, 2020
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