The bane of Humanity; The Destoyers of the Earth; SOmehting that needs to go down the well; Getting CHeated out of money; short for a Jew-Bag.
"Oh hell naw! Dem Jews are robbing a store!";" The Jewss will cause the apoloclypse"; "Throw the Jew down the well, So my country can be free!"-Borat; "Oh man I just got Jewed by the insurance company!" "Man you arn't just a Douche-Bag your a Jew Bag!"
by Non-Semite October 29, 2006
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1. A practitioner of Judiasm, generally portrayed with a long nose, and as a backstabbing jerk.
2. A derogatory term for a tightwad
3. A dirty backstabber with a long nose
1. Jesus was Jewish
2. Give me some money you fucking Jew!
3a. Why'd you stab me Pinocchio? Fucking bastard!
3b. Brutus, why didn't you tell me you were Jewish?
-Julius Caesar-
by Wanghis November 15, 2008
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Can be used as an insulting term for a person who is 1) stingy, 2) scheming, 3) fanatical, or 4) insists on using past injustices to justify special treatment.

In also the term that refers to a proud and noble group of people with rich traditions.
1) Quit being such a jew and spring a few bucks on your girlfriend

2) Shylock was such a Jew

3) You're getting really Jewish about this new cause of yours

4) Quit being such a jew and stop expecting us to be nice to you because your girlfriend broke up with you 2 months ago
by Jon Orion May 28, 2006
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1. A man or woman who practices the religion of Judaism.
2. A stingee person usualy with money
3. Word used to put down someone or another way of calling someone a fag.
1. "Bob ant no fucking Jew, hes a christian"
2. " Yoh Nate, i was at the mall and i saw two Jewish guys so i threw a quarter on the ground AND WATCHED THEM FIGHT TO THE DEATH"
3. "*whisper* nates a fucking jew he packed Lance's fudge lastnite"
by Chris E... October 30, 2007
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1) Noun; An individual who is of the Jewish faith. Known to be great thinkers, athletes, singers, actors, producers (many all at the same time).

2) To swindle or cheat someone out of something, or to short someone in some capacity.
Larry David is the greatest Jew of all

Why did you have to jew me on the mayo?

by Nick Beam January 01, 2006
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