A Jew for Jesus is a person who was born and raised Jewish, but later on in life decided that Jesus was/is the Messiah.
by Alahna May 25, 2006
Cult group who believe jesus is the messiah. This group is made up of fanatic right wing christians who use subterfuge tactics to trick jews into converting to christianity.
That jew for jesus group is a real evil cult.
by jim d April 7, 2007
"i'm a jew for jesus"
"that's funny.. i didn't know those existed!"
by Noah123 October 24, 2007
1. An individual who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ and other guidelines for the Christian faith (i.e. religiously celebrating christmas, easter, and other Christian holidays) but still insisting that they are Jewish.
2. People that nobody takes seriously because they are morons.
Jew for Jesus: Good afternoon, I'm a member of the ever growing religious orginization "Jews for Jesus".

by j e w May 12, 2006
Messianic Jews, Jewish Christians, etc.
The term comes from a Messianic Jewish organization founded by the late Moishe (ne Martin, 1932-2010) and Celia Starr Rosen. Called "Jews for Jesus", the organization is a 501(c)3 Messianic Jewish ministry which is often targeted for vile persecution by groups such as the Antimissionary organization Jews for Judaism.
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
1. (N) A Christian missionary who uses bullshit scheming tactics to try and trick jews that they can believe in jesus and still be jewish.
Hi im from jews for jesus and i lie and i am anti semitic which is why im trying to convert all jews
by fuckingfuckerfuck September 11, 2006