When someone that shares the same faith as you but has absolutely no intention of helping you nor wants to get invloved with your personal problems. Also is a typical expression used by overly churched individuals who are incapable of giving a real heart to heart advice.
Isaac: Dude whats wrong
Josh: Man my dog just got run over by a semi truck
Isaac: Im sorry man but umm hey! Jesus loves you!
Josh: uh? thanks?
by jordannnnharts September 23, 2010
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Common word in beggers language.
Best used with phrase "God bleess you" with or without "...and have a nice day!"
"Spare a coin?"
-"Go away!"
"Jesus loves you!"
by Helter Skelter January 5, 2005
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A term used by people that are intending to steal from a store.
Hey, how are you?

Good thanks, Jesus loves you!


*Steals from store*
by buzzmonke October 18, 2022
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Someone making a statement acknowledging your ability to walk away from an over-the-top ridiculously dangerous situation unscathed (or with only minor injuries). Leading a charmed life.
Exiting a car accident where you were not wearing a seatbelt and you have only minor cuts; while another passenger who was wearing a seatbelt is being rushed to the hosptial to become an organ donor. A bystander says to you: I know Jesus loves YOU!
by Mychelle C. July 24, 2005
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A statement which you respond to by saying "IN THE ASS"! You can also initiate the conversation yourself by telling someone that Jesus loves them. After hesitating a bit, you can add the additional "IN THE ASS" part to the end of your statement.
by ANOTHERDEADROMEO April 30, 2023
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