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Generic term for hand lotions used in masterbation, especially lotions in a pump top dispenser.
Not for internal use.
"Somethings up. I keep finding the Jergens stashed behind the toilet." (Reference to teenage brother.)
"He's married. He buys Jergens by the gallon at Costco."
by Steven J Miller April 09, 2007
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Vasaline/skin lotion. Normal used when home alone.
Yo Dan pass me some jergen.
by Drake Zebra October 18, 2004
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A brand of lotion made by Kao Brands.
Use of Jergens lotion will prevent one's skin from appearing ashy.
by DeJuan March 22, 2005
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Lotion most commonly used for masterbating. You know you're a thirteen-year-old loser when you have a desk drawer filled with a bottle of jergens and a box of tissues, on said desk is a computer with favorited links to free porn sites, and beside said desk is a trash bin that you emptied three days ago but is already half filled with messy crumpled up tissues and suffocating sperm cells.
Guy 1 : Max is a loser. Just take a look at his desk.

Guy 2 : Ew! Is that white stuff a spot of Jergens he spilled, or...?

Guy 1 : The world will never know.
by $moak$takk November 25, 2011
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a man who jerks on tingtings and does it for a living! he usually does it while on the jon, in the office, in the class room, under a christmas tree, in the kitchen cooking, while playing with cows, while eating a turkey sandwich, while dancing in the rain nude, while reading the urban dictionary, while walking in the mall and while talking to his mother. a jergen gets paid atleast $40-$50 an hour! but only works 1 day a week!
persona 1: the cow in your basement?
persona 2: was yellow with envey
persona 3: i ate a taco!
persona 4: weeeeeeeeeeee!
persona 5: im a jergens!
by el-em-en-oh-que December 20, 2009
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