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The religious practice of believing only what you can prove.
I can't believe in space, I have decided to follow jeranism.
by Henry Hernandez III January 08, 2017
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A type of mental disability where one believes in the Flat Earth theory. Jeranism was made popular by the prominent Flat Earth believer, Jeran, who sprouts his supposed "facts" and "proofs" that the earth is flat when actually they are the ramblings of a person with sub-standard intellect.

retardism, retard
Jeran Campanella believes we live on a flat disk and there is no such thing as space so anything he says is purist form of jeranism.
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by Xena & Dusty May 23, 2018
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The religious practice of blindly believing in something without any factual proof or evidence .
I can't understand space or science . so I have decided to follow jeranism and rant about flat earth theories online .
by anonymous common sense July 26, 2017
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Being dumb enough to believe the earth is flat / someone who is dumb enough to think the earth is flat

Variations like “jeranist May exist as well

(Also the name of a prominent flat earther)
You know that guy believes in jeranism right?
by That guy 8===D December 08, 2018
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