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a narrow pedestrian passage or alley usually between or behind buildings. often used to describe the alley running through terraced housing linking the back of the house to the street.

used in Sheffield and other parts of yorkshire and the north.
"you have to go through the jennel to get into their house"
by unupsettable January 18, 2012
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Super chill dude. Quiet, plays guitar (probably owns a Fender Telecaster). Not super social but will get down on PC games. Flirtatious without realizing it. Doesn't sing but will pop at your window with flowers to your high school dance but will school you at basketball since he's probably 7 feet tall. Hates his name.
Man did you really just dunk on me bro? Did you really just learn that guitar part in like .67 seconds? Did you really just get another chick? Bro you gotta chill and stop being a Jennel!
by IKnowExactlyWhoYouAre February 27, 2017
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