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Extremely low in quality or base in thought, specifically used in the ghetto to replace "ghetto" as an adjective
"Ronald's car is jenky." NOT: "Ronald's car is ghetto."
by Vitamin G October 02, 2003
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~does not work well
~crappy quailty
Dang, this pencil is jenky man. As soon as I started writing the tip broke!
by GreenestEyez December 14, 2005
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def 1) A product that is sub standard and is usually of the poorest quality or considered low rent.

def 2) Something being just plain stupid, idiotic or wrong.
1.)Larry was wearing the jenky shoes he bought at the thrift shop.

2.)OJ trying to get back his memoribilia was the jenkiest idea he's had in a while.
by bukkake the porno clown November 02, 2007
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A negative description of somebody, someone you can't trust.
Yo! you gotta keep a eye on him he's straight up jenky.
by Metro-LA September 30, 2005
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The root word "jenk" derives from name of the hallucinogenic drug, jenkem, produced by the fermentation of human feces.

Since the product is considered the poor man's marijuana, jenky (in adverbial form) refers to something or someone of reduced quality standards among a population where better quality standards exist. Thus the term jenky is relative to the subset of the population in reference.
(1) Although Jerry lives in an affluent area of the city, his choice in clothing resembles the jenky style of the projects.

(2) After having eaten home-cooked meals during the summer break, Charlotte initially rejected the jenky cafeteria food her school provided.
by WordsMythe September 18, 2012
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Referring to inferior or just plain whack quality. Often times said when performance, appearance, or smell is affected by the poor quality.
This orange shit is jenky yo!!!
by tucan.slayer February 28, 2009
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jenky as in when u cream your jeans and it all comes out jenky
man i made a huge jennnnnnnky
by suck it March 18, 2005
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