I asked Jeeves about his stanced on abortion, but he brought up some abortion clinic's website.
by Phil Errup October 19, 2004
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A name for a computer-man in the search engine "Ask Jeeves". The gayiest search engine on earth.
"Do you use Ask Jeeves?"
"Nah... It's gay."
by W&J July 04, 2003
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The name given to somebody who is destined to be a butler.
"My name is Jeeves, and I want to be a car mechanic."
"Sorry bub, you're not fit to be one. However, you are more than qualified to be a butler."
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
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A name for an internet search site that helps people find the answers to questons.
I didn't know the answer to something, so I asked Jeeves.
by Anonymous July 05, 2003
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-ed,-ing, (verb) to verbally torque another person's logic into a loop based on believing that the commentator is mentally challenged in the use of technicalities to such a degree that a feeling of mental stagnation develops leaving you speechless except for cussing. However the 'jeevser' is almost always correct in what they say.

can also be used as "out-jeevsed", as in "out-smarted" or "out-gunned"
1: "Where is the salad?"
2: "It is under your nose"
2: (looks down)
2: "no it's not"
1: "well, if you imagine a plane that starts at the level of your nose, then the salad is technically 'under' your nose"
2: "WTF is wrong with you?"
1: "You just got JEEVSED!"
by kedari December 03, 2011
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A poor man who thinks he's above the station.

A snob with no money. He knows that he can't and will never get rich, so he clings on his idea of what makes him posh and better than his equally broke peers.
"Terry bought himself a flash car. He's a real Jeeves. Hasn't got it into his head that he's not going to get out of this dead town."

"I'll kill that bastard! You know what that Jeeves did to me?! When I asked him sumfinks about our Tommy, he looked down his nose on me!"

"Jeeves won't hang out with us because we are too common for him."
by McVillain November 04, 2003
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