5 definitions by W&J

A gay biology term that is confusing.
"What is the meaning of 'hybrid'?"
"Why would I know a gay word like that?"
by W&J July 8, 2003
A book that is useless when u have dictionary.com!
Oh my god! You use a dictionary? What a dumbass! Just go to dictionary.com.
by W&J September 27, 2003
A name for a computer-man in the search engine "Ask Jeeves". The gayiest search engine on earth.
"Do you use Ask Jeeves?"
"Nah... It's gay."
by W&J July 5, 2003
The best game in the world. Played mostly during school lunch time or after school hours.
Come on, musketeers, let's go play some more foosball!
by W&J September 27, 2003