Substitute for 'go to hell', used when someone is prying about something, you wouldn't like to define.
"Hey, what is a 'vadászgörény'?"
"Don't know..."
"Hey, what is a ...?"
"Don't know..."
"Go to google!!!"
by Ad@m June 4, 2005
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What to say when someone asks you something.
Small annoying child: Daddy, where do babys come from?
Dad: just go fucking google it
by Thelocaldyke April 20, 2016
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Go Google yourself - should be used when somebody is annoying you with questions and you don`t know the answer . Also means :"Leave me alone , please !" Can be used as a polite form for vulgar expression : " Go F** Yourself !!"

S: Do you know what is the capital of Nigeria ?
M: Go google yourself!!!
by Ss-aa February 18, 2008
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