jebediah are a Indie rock band from Perth, Western Australia.

Some top tunes include; Harpoon, Leaving Home, Animal, and Military Strongmen.

They are currently on break, but their vocalist Kevin Mitchell is the voice behind Bob Evans
Jebediah are awesome. There is no reasonable augument against this.
by robbie666 August 13, 2006
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One of the 'big three' kerbals in Kerbal Space Program.

Always the first one to die.
Oh god, Jebediah! Why did you have to leave so soon? I didn't really mean to crash you into the sun!
by ralian January 14, 2015
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The Great Jebediah ("gifted") was a rich and powerful leader who lived in the 1400's. He ruled in the middle-east and owned many cities. His thrown was made out of pure gold and in his river floated liquid gold as well. Jebediah had hundreds of thousands of slaves working for him and had women next to him 24/7. He conquered many cities and eventually was considered a god to his people. In some religions, having the name Jebediah is considered to be a fortunate gift.

The Great Jebediah was a god and is still believed to be a god today.
Calling someone by the name Jebediah compliments them to the fullest. Jebediah was a god, and to have his name as a nickname is believed to be very lucky and fortunate.
by N/A N/A October 25, 2007
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Jebediah Kerman is the centerpiece of the religion known as 'Kerbalism.'
by I. Hate. Life. November 2, 2020
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The act of having unprotected sexual intercourse with an Amish female in the back of a buggy. If done correctly, the male receives a hand-crafted headboard and barn-raising party from the female's father following a successful Merry Jebediah.
"Brother, after volleyball at the Yoder's, I totally pulled off of 283 and Merry Jebediah'd Sarah on the way to the stables.
by Billy_Budd March 26, 2022
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wow did you hear that super jebediah last night, it damn near woke up the whole block!
by nigger hater April 14, 2005
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Guy 1 "Hey, is that Jschlatt?"

Guy 2 "No. That's Jebediah Schlatt. Ender of Queens, Destroyer of Towers.
by WhatTheHellIsAPseudonymBro September 26, 2022
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