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The act of roundhouse kicking a urinal filled with your own shit so hard that the porcelain breaks and shit water goes everywhere.
Bro I just took a Bob Evans at Home Depot.
by EpicNaeNae87 August 20, 2018
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A "down on the farm" restraunt. Older folks like to come in on a regular basis. However those who work at Bob Evans, recieve shitty hours, and bad pay. Thus why most employees are not fond of Bob Evans
Manger Refrence :Bob Evans Down on the Farm
Employee Refrence:Bob Evans lets burn down the farm.
by Verstummelung July 14, 2006
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To inset a pound of sausage into some ones ass, and then have them pinch off, patties or links, into a hot skillet.
I was hungry for some breakfast, so i told the bitch to make me some Bob Evans!
by Fojo November 28, 2006
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When man stands at edge of bed while girl slides under him from behind, pulls his dick down with her mouth and sucks him off while power drives her face until he cums.
That hoe gave brad a Bob Evans and decided to stick her finger up his ass.
by william thomas 13 November 26, 2011
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A butt that is of superior quality, or a "well fed" booty. Often seen a restaurants such as Bob Evans.
"Damn Bryan, did you see the Bob Evans booty on that skeeze?
by sethsethseth September 3, 2008
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