1. To jerk off, wack off and or wack your bag.

2. To cum, jizz or nut on or about somthing.
1. The other day i was jaying at the computer and my roommate walked in.

2. I was fuckin her from behind and decided to jay all over her back.

3. I was fuckin that chick and her pussy smelt so bad that i lost my hard and couldnt jay.
by Patty Flems August 12, 2008
A friendly and slightly reserved person who takes a little while to warm up to you, but once they are they will be a fantastic friend. Understanding, trustworthy, compassionate, dependable and fun are just a few of their qualities. Don't underestimate their intellectual capabilities or their never ending loyalty. Such a calm and steady person is hard to come by so hang on tight.
Be happy, be proud, be Jay Jay.
by Jess0955 November 28, 2017
Jai jai is a really tall usually Asian guy who is fun to hang around, he loves to play basketball and is a God at it, he is also tough, kinda like jermy lin
Whoa look look at jai jai over the he's so good at basketball
by Rip lilpeep June 4, 2018
Short for vajayjay which is slang for vagina.
The pornstar's jay jay must have been badly bruised.
by jnnycsh May 14, 2009
A very small Penis, "less than an inch."
A very flat Penis.
An inside out Penis.

Put all these together to get a Jay-Jay
When i was born, i never grew out of my Jay-Jay.

Now all the girls laugh at my Jay-Jay.
by Cypress Kids (B-D-B-N) June 6, 2007
A-jay is that one guy who is always there for you no matter what and no matter what situation your in. He is really sweet and kind and also quite cute. He has an amazing personality that you can't find in many guys, his one of a kind. His caring and loves giving out gifts. If you know an A-jay make sure to keep him because he will change your life.
1st friend:"Hey, you know A-jay?"
2nd friend:" Yeah, of course I do, everyone knows him. His the best"
1st friend:" i know, his so sweet"
by Acame February 15, 2019
Really funny but a bit immature. He doesn't have many friends but is loyal to them. He is a bit of a troublemaker. he is a good person inside.
by TheUltraNoob April 20, 2020