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1. To jerk off, wack off and or wack your bag.

2. To cum, jizz or nut on or about somthing.
1. The other day i was jaying at the computer and my roommate walked in.

2. I was fuckin her from behind and decided to jay all over her back.

3. I was fuckin that chick and her pussy smelt so bad that i lost my hard and couldnt jay.
by Patty Flems August 11, 2008
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A verb in which someone is "Jay'ing" it up.

This means they constantly undermine your ideas, statements, actions, etc.

When someone is Jay'ing it up there is a possibility that the are being a total douche or sarcastically supporting your ideas. If someone is Jay'ing it up, call them out on it.
Guy 1: I think we should go to the swimming pool today.

Guy 2: Thats a gay idea bro

Guy 1: Stop Jay'ing it up!
by AnonymousUser15819 April 05, 2013
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1. The action most perform by Jay.
2. Posting at a mad, insane rate.
"That _______ person has been Jaying lately."
"Yeah, he got a lot of posts yesterday."
by zak July 06, 2004
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Ball and ass sweat that is bad
1: I'm jaying so hard it looks like I've wet my pants.
2: it feels like I shit my pants I'm jaying so bad.
by Itsmecookie July 21, 2013
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