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Jaydan is a fine young man who would do anything for his family and loves to keep it real with all the bitches and nigguhs out there in the world
Who's the realest person out there in the world?

Jonas- "jaydan"
by 4T-OUNCE December 21, 2016
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Jaydan is an amazing person who will change any life in a positive way. He is the best.
Girl 1: Did you see Jaydan?
Girl 2: Ya he’s so hot isnt he?
Girl 1: Ya I wish I could have him.
by Dnjrueuxbfbfb May 31, 2018
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Is a female
She is fun



She is a athlete
Kepts her circle small
Makes friends easily
That is a real Jaydan
by The prettiest July 05, 2017
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Jaydan is mostly the name chosen for a male or female camel,
or a kettle.
Emma- Hey look at that camel I wonder what its name is.
Jones- Jaydan.
Emma- how do you know?
by laaugust July 07, 2011
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JaydaN (Jay-done) is easily One of most hated hackers on xbox live today, He continues to hit people offline for no reason, But, he is known for hacking Vulnerable apache servers. Hes bipolar and gets hated for him being your friend one moment then your worst enemy the next
What's up Jaydan??

Yoo , this is jaydan got them unix botz son wanna go off?

*Secretly Boots Them Offline*
by xBaDKaRmAx November 20, 2011
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