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a Deep South term from the 1960s and before which means approximately: fool, bastard, jerk, jackass, silly twit, silly billy, doofus, goofball, goof-off, layabout, delinquent, lazy bum, gadabout, joker, popinjay, etc. This word is almost always meant as an affectionate insult among friends, and doesn't carry much wallop. Cf. huckleberry and jackleg.
"You had all day long to mow the lawn and put on some clean clothes, son, and you haven't done a thing. You're such a jaybird." (said with a smile)
by Zanton July 15, 2009
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Another name for the sex god Jay McGuiness from The Wanted given to him from the fabulous people known as the #TWFanmily.
OMG did you see that picture of JayBird that was put on twitter last night?
by Selina Sykes September 30, 2012
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That magical and poorly-understood state between a flaccid and fully erect penis. A jaybird exhibits a trademark curved and drooping demeanor. It typically occurs in the arousal phase during which the penis transitions from its common limp state of being to a full hard-on.
I was unsure about our first time together, but when I disrobed and she saw my glorious jaybird, the look in her eyes told me it was on.

I was rolling commando, as I always do. My jaybird got caught in my zipper. It hurt like hell.
by ttownmagicman June 12, 2009
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the act of pecking a girl's vagina with your nose like a woodpecker
Hey Stevey, me and Bertha jaybirded under the stands at the game last night.
by Bro Mc July 11, 2012
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An ex-con, arrested for drunk driving and crashing ones car into a bush or tree. His first name should be Jay. In ference to the word jailbird, jaybird is such the same.
After Charles was caught drunk driving, he was called a jaybird.
by Saji December 19, 2004
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