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In referance to male, who utilizes his hand and wrist motion in a gay manner while he speaks.
You are such a gayson for acting gay.
by Saji December 25, 2004
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This word was generated from the mouth of greatest college graduate clown that ever came out of New Britian, CT. Boofers relates to such words as shit, damn, darn, fucked-up, shoot, etc.
Or one can just yell boofers when something wrong happens.
I boofed on my final exam.

Boofers!!..the Yanks lost the game.
by Saji January 25, 2005
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An ex-con, arrested for drunk driving and crashing ones car into a bush or tree. His first name should be Jay. In ference to the word jailbird, jaybird is such the same.
After Charles was caught drunk driving, he was called a jaybird.
by Saji December 19, 2004
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