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1. One who is genuine and real in all aspects of life.
2. A mover and a thinker; a person who does not buy into trends to improve self-image.
3. A generous and giving individual.
1. You can try all you want, but you ain't no javad - you're a phoney.
by master August 24, 2004
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A word mainly used in the Persian language or by Persian people, that has become wide spread internationally. It is used when referring to fobs (fresh off the boat) or people of lower classes, wearing outfits such as bathroom sandals with shorts and dressy shirts buttoned down revealing their gross hairy chests. They usually have a bad odour and in an attempt to be "cool" use excessive amounts of hair gel. These are usually men ofcourse, between the age range of 35-45.
"Vayy in cheghadr javadee!!!" Translation: "Oh my god! He is so bloody javad!"
by Googool Talaa August 12, 2006
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oh look javad is coming....just run and go because he will fuck your mind and your life
by junior4 ab August 17, 2018
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