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Jasps is a shortned version of the name jasper. you could also call someone jasps the ledge meanining that the person in question is called jasper and he is a ledge (amazing person.)normally used in england
person A: your a ledge jasps
Jasps the ledge: well yes that is why they call me Jasps the ledge.
by jazz1234 November 21, 2005
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noun: (orig. New England, USA) a compound word created from the word jew and the acronym W.A.S.P. - meaning White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. It refers to a person who has a parent of each type.
This kind of union, once rare and taboo, is becoming more common, especially in greater New York and New England, where more historically separated ethno-racial groups are becoming more homogenous. The term jasp was originally coined, most likely, in New England/NY private schools and colleges, and the Ivy League.
by wayfarer March 22, 2006
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Meaning, to dig through the trash. Comes from "Jasper," the name of someone notorious for messing with trash cans.
I dropped my ring in the garbage and had to jasp for it.
by greenie November 14, 2004
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