A party that is attended solely by denim-clad people. A jeans-party in other words.
Man, the jarty was awesome--a little hot though. Maybe we should have it during the fall.
by pitterpatter October 17, 2006
A party involving the presence of several juuls.
some kid: yo dude is that a juul?
another kid: hell yeah dude I got mango
some kid: no way bro I got mine with me also
random other kid: yo fiends, i got mine also its a jarty.
*everyone takes massive pulls*
by juul fiend September 29, 2017
Also commonly referred to as The Jart or Jarty; a slang term for a THC cartridge commonly ripped in the bathroom of any high school.
Stall one: ay bro you got a Jart/Jarty
Stall two: Igy bud, it’s the Rick and Morty Jarty take a half rip ong
by Jarthead456 November 16, 2021
What you become when you can't Imagine playing games during the week when you have exams and projects due.
Hey man, want to play CS:GO?

Nah, can't. I'm a Squarty Jarty.
by Wyceps April 15, 2020
other word for noob
you are very jarties.
by niet ik November 13, 2021
A bunch of cunts.
Like a group of cunts.
Those people are a jartis.
by ASavageSmug April 7, 2016