A party that is attended solely by denim-clad people. A jeans-party in other words.
Man, the jarty was awesome--a little hot though. Maybe we should have it during the fall.
by pitterpatter October 17, 2006
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A party involving the presence of several juuls.
some kid: yo dude is that a juul?
another kid: hell yeah dude I got mango
some kid: no way bro I got mine with me also
random other kid: yo fiends, i got mine also its a jarty.
*everyone takes massive pulls*
by juul fiend September 29, 2017
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Also commonly referred to as The Jart or Jarty; a slang term for a THC cartridge commonly ripped in the bathroom of any high school.
Stall one: ay bro you got a Jart/Jarty
Stall two: Igy bud, it’s the Rick and Morty Jarty take a half rip ong
by Jarthead456 November 16, 2021
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What you become when you can't Imagine playing games during the week when you have exams and projects due.
Hey man, want to play CS:GO?

Nah, can't. I'm a Squarty Jarty.
by Wyceps April 15, 2020
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A bunch of cunts.
Like a group of cunts.
Those people are a jartis.
by ASavageSmug April 7, 2016
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other word for noob
you are very jarties.
by niet ik November 13, 2021
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When someone brings out a thc cartridge and other people around then bring theirs out too it is considered a jarty party
“Who wants to have a jarty party
Someone pulls out their jart and says “Jarty party
by BJ41 October 25, 2023
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