a term used when you want to call someone a fat bitch
you fat bitch
by cool man cody September 22, 2021
Fat Ugly bitch impossible for a human male is to have sex due to the huge internal volume of her Vagina.

The sheer size of her belly cause the Vagina to extend into the fat bitchs abodomenal cavity. It takes a at least a four foot horse penis to fill the fat bitches vagina cavity bot length wise and by circumfrence. The larger members off the FAT BITCH species are too large for the horse cock and require a giraffe or elephant cock to fill the cavity.

When the FAT BITCH is impregninated the FAT BITCH is able to give birth to a another FAT BITCH thus spreading the FAT BITCH Species. The gestation time is less then a week to to the volume of food ingested per day.
by FAT BITCHES SHOOT EM!!! September 17, 2018
when two unfavorable, extremely fugly dykes get together by themselves, to trash talk an ex that they share. it is clearly not a party, since it only consists of two people, and the ex is neither fat nor a bitch but a beautiful, young woman who is a wonderful person. these poor, poor woman just have nothing to do but obsess over her, because they have no lives. one will live on to be a big time waitress, and be famous and rich and the other will grow a penis from all the rugby and steroids.
lee luw and ky guy from washington vagina attend Fuck you fat bitch party (ies)
by all that is wise February 3, 2011
What you simply have to say to the overweight, psoriatic bitch in the office who takes crisps out of the packet individually, annoying everyone else in the building, instead of emptying them all out and turning ten minutes of irritating rattling into about 3 seconds.
Empty the fucking packet onto your table you fat ugly bitch. Better still, stop eating crisps altogether you hideous mountain of lard.
by Supernatural England August 10, 2009