A name used on official records to identify an unidentified female cadaver.
by Shalroth May 18, 2005
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1)a female hick or female person that lives in the country(but not necessarily), may have a country accent, wears camouflage (also not necessary, but a big tip off), and typically an idiot.

2)Possessing a jane doe quality.

masculine: see "john deer"
She's such a f#cking jane doe.

Jane Doe should go marry John Deer.

Jane Doe fashion was never in.

That was so jane doe.
by onboardforces February 13, 2009
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a woman always trying to steal another woman's man and break up their relationship;
-girl you should break up with him; he's cheatin` on you;
-okay girl

*a week later*

she walks in with the other woman's man

Alicia Keys Breaks it down in her song Jane Doe
by Jen February 23, 2005
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usually a woman trying to steal another woman's man; try to break up other woman's relationships so they can get with there man;
by S February 23, 2005
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This is the name for official records for any woman who is unidentified and dead/alive.

And as everbody knows John Doe is the male version of the name.

Alicia Key's Jane Doe represents any women... Not especially someone who tries to steal someother's man, just the unidentified and mysterious type of female.

Last but not least Jane Doe is the name of an album of Converge which dates back to 2002.
Watch the film Se7en (1995) directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt, the murderer(Kevin Spacey) who has seven victims is called as John Doe.

A female body was found in the woods and taken to morgue under the name of Jane Doe.
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
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a general term for a woman (see also John Doe)
I had an Idea of who Jane Doe might be by her voice.
by Light Joker November 22, 2005
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Jane-doe's (pronounced "JAYNE-doughs") are the random panties or other bits of women's underwear you find scattered around your apartment. A true pair of Jane-doe's will have no identifiable owner whatsoever, and as a result of this may stay on the floor of your flat for weeks on end, collecting dust as you desperately ponder what is either simply a deteriorating mental state, or a complete and total breakdown of sexual standards. See also: John-doe's.
Dude, I've got no idea where that bustier came from. It's a total Jane-doe.

I get so much ass my flat is littered with Jane-doe's!

Yo man, what's with the Jane-doe's? Are those your mom's or your sister's?
by LookNotSour August 2, 2011
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